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Bosba is a team of exceptional property developers. To us, building isn’t simply about creating a structure rooted in a foundation perfectly strong. It is about creating a home too. A place where you can invite your family, friends, and love alike. A habitation where you are not afraid to be at your most vulnerable state. But all these cannot be possible with utmost comfort. This is why we invest our expertise and resources to ensuring we build you a home that integrates modern technology, the best infrastructure,  and a dazzling exterior and interior that promises rest and comfort within.

We were founded by some of Cambodia’s leading personalities in business, architecture, technology, real estate, commerce, and housing developments.

Our journey to developing quality residential properties started on July 8, 2017. Since then, the journey has been eventful. In 2021, we will make history by building Twin Villa, Super Villa, Queen Villa, and a Premium Shop House- all in the Heart of the Kingdom of Cambodia, (BOSBA APSORMERA (បុស្បា អប្សរមេរា).

Our ability to develop quality and affordable residential properties that provide comfort differentiates us from our competitors.


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We develop excellent housing projects that outlive our clients and serve their future generations. Our projects come with beautiful exterior and interior. We offer beautiful home decor and comfort that harmonize our residents.

Build 10,000 Homes


Board Member Profiles

Nuon Sunnary

Nuon Sunnary


Nuon Sunnary is an expert at branding products. She is the marketing lead at Natural Beauty Co., Ltd, where she coordinates the marketing and branding efforts.On top of that, she is generous and charitable, helping the poor, disabled, and orphans. The citizens of Cambodia named her ‘Queen of Charity.’